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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an energy-based system. This means it is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that when this becomes stagnant, unbalanced, or blocked, it can cause illness. The premise is that crystals help unblock, balance, and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.

Different types of crystals are thought to have different properties and energies. Just holding and being near these crystals is, therefore, thought to affect our own energies on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level.

The types of crystals used and their positioning will depend on what the client is seeking support for. This could range from a physical concern such as headaches or stress to more emotional or spiritual concerns.

What to expect in a crystal healing session

Sessions will be tailored to you and will differ depending on the nature of your concern. Your session will begin with a consultation. This is when you speak with your crystal therapist about what’s brought you to them and what you’re hoping for. Your therapist will ask a number of questions; crystal healing is a holistic approach, meaning it looks at all aspects of health (physical, mental, and spiritual) and so your therapist will want to get a full picture.


Once you have had your consultation, your therapist will know what approach will work best for you, which crystals to use, and how to place them. You will be made comfortable and asked to lie down (fully clothed) on a sofa or on cushions on the floor.

When you are relaxed with your eyes closed, your therapist will begin placing crystals on and around your body. Sometimes the therapist will use a dowsing pendulum to help them determine where the crystals should go.


Crystals are a part of Mother Earth, connecting, balancing and harmonizing. They also connect with all living things not only within but interconnecting with the energy fields around us too.

The crystals will be left in place for a certain amount of time (this will depend on your circumstances but can be anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour). During this time you are encouraged to breathe deeply and simply relax. Your therapist may add or remove crystals during the session. Some people report feeling sensations (a warmth or tingle) while others feel nothing. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, this doesn’t mean your energies haven’t been affected.

Some people say they feel a difference in themselves immediately, for others it takes longer for the healing to take effect.


You may be recommended a number of treatments and often people choose to have ongoing treatments to support their overall health. As the healing takes place, you may experience an energetic detox, when negative energy quickly leaves your body. This can lead to difficult emotions being brought to the surface, so it’s important to ensure your crystal therapist is qualified and experienced to support you.


What can crystals help with?

There are hundreds of different types of crystals, all of which hold particular energy and power and each can be used to aid healing for a variety of issues. As mentioned, these concerns can be physical, such as stress, or spiritual, like bringing courage

Need more energy? Clear quartz: Known as the 'master crystal'  and clear in colour, this is ideal for restoring and focusing energy, encouraging energetic balance and improving clarity.

Crystal help to:

  • improve their sleep

  • ground you

  • deal with emotional issues

  • overcome hurt feelings and soothe emotions

  • feel grounded and present in the moment

  • promote courage and boost self-esteem

  • provide good luck when taking exams

  • encourage leadership qualities

  • help to think more clearly

  • promote healing

  • counter self-doubt

  • increase focus while studying

  • boost performance and success

  • build confidence and courage

  • help absorb new ideas

  • increase organisation

  • bring good luck

  • assist with learning from mistakes

  • encourage self-love and self-care 

  • provide clarity and a sense of calm




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