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Nora's BIO

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Welcome to my site. 

It is a natural desire for me to want to help people.

Seeing the suffering of others motivates me to learn how to heal them. 

I've been somewhat of a healer for nearly three decades now and continue to learn more and

more effective healing modalities as I become aware of them.

I am an ever-morphing practitioner and have transformed myself significantly since I began my journey as a healer.


At the age of 25, I entered the study of Homeopathic Medicine, which upon completion, led me to study

Counseling and specifically Addiction Counseling. Seeing that most people were suffering from one addiction or another

I noticed how it impeded their ability to receive the energetic medicine of Homeopathy.

Over time I became more and more interested in the body-mind connection

and how it relates to the whole health of an individual, mind, body, and soul.

We are complex beings that have many dimensions which we live in and experience life through.

It takes a holistic approach to address our ailments fully and discover the root cause of our suffering. 

Once we uncover the root cause we can heal from that trauma, or that part of our DNA

that is causing our misalignments, our negative beliefs, and our pain.

Because if this is what we are manifesting our lives from, our results are still more pain.

I have helped a wide range of people heal physical, emotional, and psychological pain using Sound healing, Theta healing, Homeopathy, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, and now with Red light Therapy and Crystal healing too.

Whether you are looking for guidance during stressful times, or navigating life changes, or hoping to heal your pain and

live a healthy, happier life, I can guide you toward balance and help you to reach your goals of wellness.


With an individualized action plan, you’ll find your way back into alignment,

gain insight into your life, and become empowered to step confidently into the future.

Let me inspire you with my enthusiasm for life and with the wisdom I have gained

to help you move through self-development and healing with ease.

My Training

I am a certified Life Coach with the American Life Coach Academy and offer wellness life coaching online and in person.

I also give lectures on ‘Mindfulness and Happiness’ and ‘Health is Wealth’ as well as  'Stress Reduction talks'

in many venues including in Corporate offices for employee wellness.


As a Certified Theta Healer, I offer healing sessions that help clients recover from emotional pain, past or present trauma, illness, and other imbalances. By guiding individuals to access the healer within and reprogramming core beliefs clients can re-align with their present truth so they can live an authentic, whole, fulfilling, and healthy life. 


I​ studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy and received a diploma in 2001. In 2005 I graduated from Vancouver College of Counsellor’s Training. I also completed 1000 hours of Yoga Therapy Training in 2008 with many wonderful teachers such as Swami Brahmananda, Mukund Stiles, Joseph LePage, Gary Kraftsow, Bo Forbes, Tiffany Cruikshank, Judith Lasater Hanson, Cyndi Lee and many more.

I studied Sound healing and Crystal healing with Vickie Gould from Life Changing Energy School and received a certification for both.  Shortly after, I found Mary Fielder, an experienced biofield tuner, who taught me all she knows about Aura Tuning. Noraleen Danforth both taught and certified me in level 1 +2 for Usui Reiki and soon I will become a Reiki Master. 

I'm sure there will be more to add to this in the future. The world is full of ways to heal. Keep looking for them.

You can find out about my workshops, trainings, and retreats on my personal website,


In my many sessions with Nora in regards to my well being I have come to learn so much about myself and my reactions to stress. She’s has been an amazing Life and Health Coach and her knowledge and accurate readings of my behavior were perfect. Her compassion and empathy made me feel comfortable working with her. She has high work ethics and is a professional all around and I will not hesitate to recommend her.

Donna D.

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