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"Nora is an exceptional life coach, her non-judgemental, caring and understanding manner helped guide me through self-exploration. 


Nora provided me with the necessary tools to face my challenges head on.  I am grateful for Nora's expertise and the personal growth she assisted me in achieving."

Beth M

I found Nora when I was experiencing great back pain and intense anxiety. 

Nora listened closely to my story about when it started and asked many questions which helped uncover the source of the pain.


She guided me through many different exercises to help alleviate the pain and also my anxiety was greatly reduced. Now I am 'back to wellness' and can function normally again.

Thanks Nora, 

Christine T

Working with Nora was a joy. I felt truly supported by her, heard and understood as I sought help with chronic health challenges. I was continually impressed by her wisdom, knowledge, professionalism, and comforting manner. Nora helped me open myself to the power of the subtle body, which has been a great catalyst towards the healing path I can now confidently say that I am on.

Clare H

Nora is a fantastic coach. She has the ability to discern problem areas and facilitate healing by specifically targeting those areas. I started with a lot of pain due to work injury and stress. Even walking was difficult. She not only helped me during sessions, but she also gave me techniques and tips to incorporate into my daily life. Coupling her yoga techniques with some basic life changes, I am now pain free and live a very active life. Thank you Nora!

Adriane A

I was at a loss as to how to manage my life situation. Nora showed me how my beliefs from the past we programming my life now. 


Nora helped me to reprogram my beliefs with Theta healing and shifted my me into alignment with what I really want. 

I cannot thank you enough Nora.

Sophie I

My health was declining after working in a stressful job for many years. I came to Nora to help me learn new ways of coping with and responding to stress.

She used tuning forks and sound healing and other techniques to help my body release my tension. Then she guided me through several breathing practices to soothe my anxiety.

Finally I felt like I could get enough air. My sleep improved drastically, my mood became lighter and my body felt free again. 

I'm so grateful to have found you.

Thanks a million Nora!

Marianne M

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